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Jan 28, 2013

Cardboard bed- finished

I was very busy these days and I passed all my expectations. The bed is DONE!
Some words about final steps and decoration.
I messed up one thing, so I would like to share this mistake with you if you ever try to do cardboard furniture. Before you do any impregnation (wooden glue and water, in the first step), you should have your piece of furniture completely fixed.
When I made side parts of the bed, I have impregnated them immediately before I fixed them to the inner construction. These parts, while they were becoming dry, have distorted a bit, which could be seen on the images if you take a better look.

This doesn't affect the stablity of the bed itself, it affects a bit of visual feeling. So I decided to use smashed newspaper as the final decoration, since it was practically impossible to tear it up from the middle construction. Just cover one side of the newspaper with wooden glue mixed with water and gently press it against the part you want to cover. Use your fingers to get a bit of relief.
Here is the detailed view:

The rest of the bed I have also covered with small pieces of paper. Afterwards I did the final impregnation and let it dry completely. Whole bed is painted first with black acrylic color (you can see on the image that inner part is colored in black).

Than I used beeswax all over the bed, and mixed a red color with a bit of black. With this mixture I colored the bed. When the color was dry, I took sand paper and gently removed the red color from some parts of the bed, so the black color came up again
Here is the detailed effect I have reached using this technique:

And at the end I covered the whole bed with varnish. Now I have to wait several days until everything dries completely. In the next days I will post a new image with final decoration of the bed.

Jan 26, 2013

Cardboard bed - II phase

I have neglected my blog in the last period, but I do have a good reason for it, that I will share with you in the following posts.

Even I didn't work a lot on this project, I reached to make a small progress.

The interior of the bed is completely filled with the rests of the cardboard and paper, in order to prevent eventual fall down on the ground if something goes wrong. However, I DO absolutely believe in cardboard's firmness, and I know that this cannot happen, but just in case:)).
This was probably most boring part of the whole project.
Afterwards I covered this interior with cardboard plates and on the top I used 2mm hard pressed cardboard.

I can hardly wait to finish it. Firstly, I cannot move through the house normally and secondly I am very eager to find out how it will look like at the end, since I still do not have a crystal clear idea.

Nov 26, 2012

Bird's house

I have finally fixed the birds' house on my balcony. I hope it is now completely dried and ready to conquer rain and snow; the birds are still not coming, however I hope this will change in the near future. The final result of the house looks like this:

I have already added birds' food.

 I could not make photos from all sides, now when it's fixed. But I guess you still can get impression of how it looks like.

Nov 15, 2012

Cardboard bed

I have finished the birds' house but still haven't made any photos. Coming soon!

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I had started a cardboard bed. Since it was really hot at that moment, I stopped my work and decided to make it later.

And this 'later' is now! One of the hardest part of the work is now done: I have cut all pieces and put them partly together. There is still lot of work waiting for me, until the bed really get its form.
I haven't taken a photo of single pieces and now I am sorry for that. However, if someone would need a scheme, I will draw it with pleasure.
Here are some photos:

Please do not think I did it all alone. In every project I have the best assistant ever!

Nov 1, 2012

Birds' cardboard house -II

My birds' house slowly but surely looks much better then I first thought. I do have many ideas how to decorate it, but I guess I will leave it for the second release, in springtime, because it is getting colder and colder these days so I must hurry up. I heard, it can take quite a while until birds start to use such kind of houses, however I really do hope they will like it as much as I did while creating it.

In one moment, the birds' house looked like this. It was still necessary to make final impregnation and coloring.

Birds' house from the front 

Birds' house from the back

Birds' house prefinal

On the 'ground' of the house as well as on its bottom, I used eggshells so it looks a bit as small 'stones'. And I colored it a bit. Soon, the final result will come. Enjoy your day!

Oct 25, 2012

A retro dress

With age of 10 I still didn't have a clue in which direction my tastes in fashion and music will take. Once I visited my uncle who just happened to buy a new portable gramophone ( one of the kind you could get in Yugoslavia in those days) and it look similar to this one (the photo is taken from Muzej grada Rijeke).

At that time my uncle wore long hair, leather jackets, jeans and shoes with high sole - and he drove a motorbike. Besides the gramophone he bought some long-plays: I still do remember what it was: Rolling Stones, Bee Gees and Boney M. My uncle was my idol at that moment.
Imagine 10 years old child dancing with half mad uncle in the grandma house, playing music as loud as possible and jumping and screaming like wilds...

I think, on that day I knew which kind of music I will like. OK, Boney M not that much. And fashion... fashion must follow.  I simply adore fashion of 70s so I made this dress in that name.

Oct 23, 2012

Birds' cardboard house

Every morning when I wake up there are few things happening that really make my day. At least my mornings. I go to the toilet, open the window  and my cat is there, immediately jumping on it in order to get first chat of the day. With sparrows which occupy the pear tree facing my window. And this is really a funny and wonderful moment I enjoy every morning. However, in cold winters, not that much.
According to the weather coaster, this winter should be very cold, -31. I have never felt this temperature in my life, so I suppose, the sparrow living in this area neither.
For these small and dear creatures I figured out a pretty big birds' house in Victorian style.There should be place enough for around 4 bird families, or even more, if they not quarrel.
Here is the point I reached up to now.

And some first steps so you could see how it is done. The bigger part is separated into two 'flats'.

It still needs a roof on the top and lot of decoration after coloring it.

I can hardly wait to finish it, and I can hardly wait its first visitors. Still I must admit that I am really very eager to see how the cardboard will bear this winter.

Oct 21, 2012

A quick jacket for beginners

This model is perfect for beginners in sewing. You will need following:
  • About 2m of strechable fabric that, in the best case, has some percentage of wool and that will not come apart.
  • 1 or 2 to bigger buttons.


  • Measure your back with. The measurement is taken horizontally between shoulder blades (i.e. from sleeve seam to sleeve seam).
  • Each front side should equal to the width of the back. For example, if your back width is 40 cm, you need a total of 1m20of the fabric. 40cm for back side and 2x40cm for both front sides.
  • Fold the fabric in half to find the middle.
  • Divide the result of your back width into half. For example, if it is 40cm, then it would be 20cm.
  •  Measure 20 cm starting from the folded part of the fabric. Mark this place and make there holes for sleeves.
  •  The holes need to be more oval in shape, as shown in the image and they should be about 15cm away from the top of the fabric.  

  • Make a sleeves (use some model from Burda, or clothes you do not wear).

  • Sew the sleeves and the holes together, and you're almost done.
  • If you collar is too squashy and not standing firmly, cut another part of the same length as the fabric, and width of about 17cm. In our case, this would be a rectangle with dimensions of 1m20 x 17cm. Sew that piece on the upper part to get reinforced, double collar.

  • Fold the top edge of the collar with both sides in half and sew it. 
  • Make a hole for the button. If you prefer, you can fold the fabric just above the breasts and add one more hole and button (see first picture).